oR Noir Mask

Max Repair, Max restoration, Maximum Overhaul For Hair.

The power of rebirth for hair in one hair mask: For normal to extremely dry and damaged hair.  Part 3 of the Anti-Aging Dream Team, a collective of chosen organic to elevate The Wine Extract to heights of natural repair, unseen and realized by any organic based product that came before. The future is now.

Retail - $50. 500ml 16.9 fl. oz


What: A ultra powerful deep conditioner that will not leave hair flat. This potent potion contains the highest levels of the wine extract along with 10 organic healing ingredients. Used once or twice a week to make hair look exceedingly healthier then ever before.

Why: With the power of The Wine Extract and Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B12, E, C, and A, the oR Noir Mask helps restore stength, lustre, and shine back to hair.

Who: For extremely damaged or dry hair due to environmental effects, chemical process proceedures.

How: After cleansing and removal of oxidation with Noir shampoo, apply liberal amount of oR Noir Mask to hair for 5 in shower or 10 mins to towel dry hair. For extremely damaged areas leave for 15 mins, with no fear of weighing hair down.



The Merging Of Organic-Based With Turbo-Performance in 16.9 oz.

- The Wine Extract*

- Amplified Antioxidants

- Elevated Color

- Hyper Hair Volume

- Extremely Damaged Hair

- Restructure

- Re-Birth

- Paraben Free

- Cruelty Free