Vin D'or Leave-in Elixir

A Volume maniac, A Leave-in, A styler, A dream weaver.

Create massive volume, fluid waves, intensify endless curls. With all day protection from free radicals, and environmental hazards. A volumizer, a styler, a leave-in, an elixir, a wdream weaver.

Retail - $35. 500ml 16.9 fl. oz


What: This unique styling product gives your locks gorgous volume, enhances curls and wave patterns. All the while protecting hair of oxidation.

Why: With the power of The Wine Extract and Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B12, E, C, and A, Vin D'or leave-in Elixir will replace many of your current syling products while giving it protection all day.

Who: For hair maven's that seek sexy texture, big bombshell hair.

How: Apply to toweled dry hair prior to using a difuser or air dry. To dry hair to create glorious texture and volume. (Heat of dryer will max the properties of product)



The Merging Of Organic-Based With Turbo-Performance In 16.9 oz.

- The Wine Extract

- Amplified Antioxidants

- Elevated Color

- Hyper Hair Volume

- Clean Delivery And Finish

- Total Frizz Control

- Wave Condense

- Paraben Free

- Cruelty Free