Product Education

Anti-Aging / High-Performance / Antioxidant / Organic-Based

◉ The Wine Extract – contains a water-based polyphenol which protects hair from free radicals

◉ Amplified Antioxidants – stops oxidation in hair and neutralizes free radicals

◉ Elevated Hair Color – hair color is heightened, brightened to it’s true shade

◉ Hyper Hair Volume – spectacular volume without frizz or cuticle expansion

⦿ Sulfate-free ⦿ Paraben-free ⦿ Sodium-free ⦿ Cruelty-free

The love of hair with respect for all life…


The Wine Extract: The Stunning Powerful Polyphenol For Scalp and Hair The Wine Extract and Vine Vie


◉ Vine Vie is the future of beauty…now!

◉ Our superhero key ingredient is included in every Vine Vie product

◉ Proven to combat aging, cellular destruction and breakdown of healthy cells

◉ Product performs at first use making hair look radiant, with weightless softness and sheen

◉ Use on wet or dry hair (provides all-day protection)

◉ High performance formula contains Vitamin B1, B3, B6, B12, E, C, and A, to awaken hair

◉ Provides immediate visible results to hair and scalp through the generous amount of The Wine Extract and blending of key organics for complete absorption deep into each hair follicle

◉ Vine Vie creates healthier hair from the cortex to all the other layers of your hair

◉ Made for fine, normal and extremely damaged hair


The Merging of Organic-Based Ingredients with High Performance Results

When the organic market opened a few years back, there were huge hopes that using healthier products would be a greater benefit to the human body and would be able to produce palpable results in hair health. But unfortunately, it fell short in the performance area when it came to hair. Organic product lines did not produce the desired results in speed and overall visible returns.

Vine Vie is now the promise kept…

We are an organic-based haircare line that produces immediate visible and tangible results that the user will experience with awe.


The Wine Extract: The Superhero Ingredient

The Wine Extract contains ultra-high levels of natural polyphenols. Polyphenols combat aging, cellular destruction and the breakdown of skin cells. Free radical molecules are found in the air all around us. These molecules affix to our skin cells and start a cloning process that causes death to healthy cells.

Our eye images are seen through oxidation, we are covered in this process, hence it is a part of our natural aging process.

Vine Vie has harnessed the strength of The Wine Extract, and backed this superhero with a legion of organic ingredients to form guardians of hair health that has to be experienced to be believed.


How It Works, What Will It Do and What The User Should Expect To See

• When using Vine Vie on the hair, whether at it’s natural color or enhanced through chemicals, the color of the hair will intensify. Brunettes will be rich in depth sparkling with gold or red tones. Golden blondes will shimmer in the sun like molten gold. Cool blondes will have a soft pearlness to their buttery glow.

• The volume of the hair is heightened with each strand of hair lifting like floating butterflies in the summer sun. • Hair looks healthy emitting a radiant glow. The texture will be soft and feather light nor does the hair feel weighted down by heavy oils or waxes. The final outcome results in polished and clean hair to the touch.

• Vine Vie’s ability to remove oxidation from the hair from surface to cortex is the key in discovering your hair’s true color and texture. This process is best described when you think about how metal becomes rust through oxidation. Vine Vie takes the rust of your hair and skin, in turn exposing the beauty of the hair and skin. With regular use, Vinde Vie will slow down the wear and tear of hair due by styling and chemical work.

• Vine Vie was ultimately developed to help the skin which is a living organ of the human body. Hair is made up of skin tissue and by encouraging healthy skin through the application of our product, this process initially effects the health and well-being of hair making it shine and show it’s true colors.



◉ Noir Shampoo – the effective cleansing of hair and neutralizing of oxidation

The Noir Shampoo is designed to eliminate oxida#on accumula#ng in hair that causes cellular breakdown. When untreated, hair can become dull, lacking any reflective ability, as well as limp and lifeless resulting in inability to hold wave or curl, and ultimately breakage. VDLA is formulated with The Wine Extract, a powerful water based polyphenol, that eliminates free radicals. Along with key organic plant extract, to form a synergistic blend that gives visible and tangible results star#ng at first use.

Apply generous amount of Noir Shampoo to wet hair. Concentra#ng on scalp area, lather gently massaging scalp, rinse. Repeat, this time concentrating on entire hair shaft. Leave on hair and scalp for no less then 30 seconds.

◉ oR Daily Conditioner – Anti-Aging Healing Therapy

The oR Daily Conditioner is blueprinted to work alongside the Noir Shampoo. The oR Daily Condi#oner continues to implement the antioxidant action of neutralizing free radicals remaining in the hair shaft. But goes further with the anti-aging abili#es of the VDLV line and restoring hair texture back to health, through large amounts of The Wine Extract and elected organic plant extracts. 

After cleansing and removal of oxidation with The Noir Shampoo. Squeeze out access water, then apply generous amount of The oR Daily Conditioner with no fear of hair looking flat or oily. The oR Daily Condi#oner will smooth and even out unruly hair texture as well as giving each hair stand marvelous volume. Leave in for minimum of 30 seconds, rinse.

◉ oR Noir Mask – Penetrating Healing Therapeutics

The oR Noir Mask is an Anti-Aging High-Performance An#-Antioxidant power product, and is the core of the VDLV line. The oR Noir Mask will help restore extreme damaged hair due to chemical coloring, hot styling tools, and environmental pollutants. As well as elevating already healthy hair further.

AHer cleansing and removal of oxidation with the Noir Shampoo, towel dry hair. Then apply the oR Noir Mask at minimum of table spoon size dollop into hands and apply to hair from root to end. Adding more to the damaged area. Leave in hair for minimum of 10 minutes to 30 minutes maximum. Rinse out with cool water.

The oR Noir Mask should be used once a week for maximum benefits. Or at every washing if hair is severely compromised from abuse, with no fear of flat oily hair.


◉ Vin D'or Leave-in Styling Elixir

Sexy Blowouts (Hydro-Serum) / Bombshell Texture / Alluring Hold Do It All In Style And With Protection

The Vin D’or Leave-in Elixir is a modern universal product. It can be used for a luminous buffered blowout (cocktailed with Hydro-Serum). Or to intensify hair’s natural texture, as well as to slick hair back for a light or light textured chignon. All this with no stiff, flaky feel, only feather light softness and hold. Plus protecting hair from rapid aging and cellular breakdown.


• Add desired amount of The Vin D’or Leave-in Elixir and Hydro-Serum 60 to 40 ration, to damp hair. Using a round boar brush, blow dry downward.


Amplifying curly / wavy hair or natural texture

• Apply to damp hair concentratng at root area, let air dry or use diffuser. Once dry apply second layer by scrunching in hair. Will not make hair stiff or sticky.

• Above process can be done on dry hair, results are best on damp hair.


Slicking Hair Back to Bun or Chignon

• For a sexy textured chignon or bun, apply to semi dry or dry hair. Using fingers to rack hair back to form chignon or bun. Use bobby pins to secure shape.

• For a controlled version of the above, apply to towel dry hair, use fine tooth comb or brush to control hair in place and desired shape. Anchor with bobby pins.


◉ Hydro-Serum - Magnificent Shine Powered By H2O

We created a flawless hair serum crafted from the element of water. The Hydro-Serum delivers ultra-clean chic shiny lightweight finish to any hairstyle. The properly named Hydro-Serum is the jewel of the VDLV Line.

Apply to hair to intensify hair’s natural luster and shine. Will not make hair oily because there isn’t any oil.