oR Noir Leave-in Conditioner Blow-Out Crème

Pure Love Pure Protection Pure Blowout

Every hair needs love and protection while creating that beautiful blowdry. Blueprinted to fortify each hair stand on a daily.

 Retail - $35 500ml 16.9 fl. oz.

What: A loving blowdry Crème for bombshells that care about their hair.

Why: Why wouldn't you want protection from environmental pollution, free radicals, heat from the sun. While your hair blowing in the wind...no wait that's just the massive volume of your hair.

Who: For women and men who want gorgeous healthy hair, and to keep it that way



The merging of organic-based with turbo-performance in 16.9 oz. 

- The Wine Extract*

- Amplified Antioxidants

- Elevated Color

- Hyper Hair Volume

- Clean Delivery

- Max Protection

- Weightless

- Paraben Free

- Cruelty Free