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  • Picture of NOIR SHAMPOO



Age Defying Shampoo


Go beyond the mere cleaning of hair, neutralize oxidation, elevate hair color and maximize hair volume with no added frizz. An organic based shampoo that not only gently and effectively cleans hair and scalp, but repairs each hair shaft through the strength of The Wine Extract. Part 1 of healing organic promise now delivered. 

What: The only shampoo that combats cellular destruction of hair, slowing down the aging process by eliminating free radicals for brighter beautiful healthy hair.
Why: Oxidation of hair will make hair look dull, lay flat, and can cause uneven texture.
Who: For hair maven's that seek bright glorious hair color, breezy hair volume, and sexy texture.
How: Apply to wet hair, lather and leave in hair for minimum of 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 


The Merging Of Organic-Based With Turbo-Performance in 16.9oz

  • The Wine Extract
  • Amplified Antioxidents
  • Elevated Hair Color
  • Hyper Hair Volume
  • Sulfate Free
  • Sodium Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Cruelty Free

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