Vine de.la VieⓉ – A new way of life… for your hair. Celebrity hair stylist John Blaine harnessed the power of natural ingredients to create a hair care system that fully restores and heals hair from root to tip. Blaine quickly realized the need for his clients to have truly healthy hair, which requires constant effort and daily care. Combining multiple organic healing, and plantbased ingredients, Vine de.la VieⓉ is a product line like never before. Pamper your tresses with it’s all natural certified organics and give them a lot of something special with Vine de.la Vie’s secret weapon, “The Wine Extract.”

Infused in every drop of product, “The Wine Extract” contains biologically active polyphenols, which are known in the medical world as “one of the most powerful antioxidant components found in plants.” Polyphenols help combat cancer, diabetes, immune disorders, and severe inflammation among many other medical conditions. Vine de.la VieⓉ contains the strongest polyphenol known to mankind. Found in only one region of the Earth, “The Wine Extract” comes exclusively from red grapes that are grown, aged, and fermented to specifically produce this highly powerful polyphenol that works wonders on hair. Unlike other plant based oils that tend to weigh down hair, Vine de.la Vie is featherlight, and works to neutralize the oxidization of hair. As a result, blondes stay bright, brunettes stay rich, and any unsightly brass tones are completely eliminated.

For generations, only the Elite have been privy to the health and beauty benefits of this special ingredient, but now, with Vine de.la VieⓉ, everyone can indulge. Vine de.la VieⓉ restores, heals, soothes, and detoxifies hair by slowing its’ aging process and boosting hairs strength and elasticity. The ingredients work together to enhance “The Wine Extract’s” capabilities, providing each strand of hair with sublime volume, subtle smoothness and an unmatched silky shine.

Proven to be 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C, and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E in its ability to repair each hair shaft from base to end, Vine de.la VieⓉ will transform hair that has been damaged by chemicals, styling tools, and the environment, into ravishing cascading locks. Love yourself, Love your hair. All Vine de.la Vie products provide all day protection from free radicals and are paraben, sulfate, sodium and cruelty free.